Pantheon of Turr


Deity Alignment Portfolio Domains Favoured Weapon
Arthone True Neutral God of the hunt, forests; Creator of the elven race; Patron of archers, hunters and rangers Creation, flora/fauna, forests, hunting, woodlands Long bow
Karic Neutral Good God of earth, smithing; Creator of the dwarven race; Patron of smiths, engineers, masons Creation, discipline, engineering, smithing, stone War Hammer
Morraine Lawful Good Goddess of light, healing; Creator of the human race; supreme deity, sister goddess of Valenara creation, fire, good, healing, sun weapon
Rom Chaotic Evil God of death, water; Creator of dragons, guardians, believed to have created Orc race; Patron of assassins, sailors creation, death, destruction, evil, water weapon


Deity Alignment Portfolio Domains Favoured weapon
Dalpha Chaotic Neutral Goddess of luck, secrets; Matron of thieves, pranksters, spies intrigue, luck, secrets, tricks, truth Dagger
Rallius Lawful Good God of justice, law; Patron of paladins, fighters discipline, judgement, justice, law, mercy Bastard sword
Sigit Lawful Neutral Goddess of valor, war; Matron of barbarians, warriors chivalry, honor, mercy, valor, war Mace
Valenara Chaotic Neutral Goddess of magic, moon; Matron of mages, Kalsea, Oracles; Sister goddess of Morraine arcane knowledge, foresight, knowledge, magic, moon weapon


Deity Alignment Portfolio Domain
Frekyr Lawful Neutral God of travel, agriculture; Patron of farmers, marchants, travelers agriculture, commerce, distance, roads, weather
Maana True Neutral Goddess of marriage, home; Matron of midwives; sister goddess of Minna childbirth, family, fertility, hearth/home, marriage
Minna Chaotic Good Goddess of beauty, love; Matron of bards, prosititues; sister goddess of Maana beauty, fertility, love, revels, vanity
Yukera Unknown God of air, wisdom; Creator of Halflings (extinct); deceased


Deity Corresponding season
Aerwyn Spring
Loryn Summer
Minry Autumn
Begit Winter

Pantheon of Turr

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