Character Creation

Abilty scores

There are two ways of generating ability scores for new characters. [EDIT 9/8/2017] This game will employ the dice roll option.

Each PC can roll four six-sided dice a total of seven times. With each roll of four, the lowest die is dropped for the optimal ability score. The seventh roll can be used to insert in place of a poor roll. If the PC discards both rolls, An alternate roll is allowed but all ability scores are scrapped and player looses option for a seventh roll.

If the player creates a character with an overall ability modifier is less than or equal to zero, the character cannot be played.

Hit Points

At first level, all PC’s have max Hit Points (HP) in addition to the PC’s constitution modifier. All others are given the option of rolling or to take the average. If the player rolls a one, the die is automatically rerolled once.

Starting Gold

All characters are granted average starting gold based on their class.

Character Creation

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